About us

Rug up Horsewear built its business on word of mouth and this is the first time it has been put out to the public arena. I am very excited as l am now branching out to offer not only made to measure rugs and accessories but also a new rug collection called The Mia Range. Now for those of you that know me, know that Rug Up Horsewear has a mascot named Ru Donnamia Aka Mia. Mia has been with Rug Up Horsewear since 2004 when she was born so has been a great model and she is always modelling a new outfit when she is out and about. The first item in the Mia Range to be launched is the Detachable Neck Synthetic Rug. This rug has been designed by myself to have all the feature to protect your horse over the colder seasons. I have other product coming which l will inform you all of soon.