Polar Fleece Products

Our Polar Fleece product Range are all made here in Australia and come with various Style options being Polar fleece Horse Rugs, Neck rugs, Hoods, Stirrup Covers, Saddle covers and dog rugs.

All of the Rug Up Horsewear Polar Fleece Products  and some of these fittings are quality:
- Metal clips to be easily attached to your rug's D-Rings
- Fully lined mane area with taffeta
- Fully bound for strength & durability
- Top & bottom velcro webbing fittings to keep zips secure

-Dog rugs have quality velcro fastenings and choice of linings
- Made from a thick and fluffy fleece which water does not leak through when wet.

Rugs come in 4'0 to 7'0 and neck rugs and hoods come in Pony , Cob, Full, Warmblood, and Heavy Horse.