Rug Up Horsewear 600D Detachable MIA Range

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The Mia 600D Rug with a Detachable Neck is designed to provide the horse with a superb fit and exclusive comfort that withstands the Australian winter weather conditions. It comes in sizes 5’0 to 7’0 and in fashionable colours of Aqua and Navy.

The rugs I created has been technologically designed to have a stronger balance between warmth, weather resistance and breathability. This adaptable protection sets a new industry standard that can remain comfortable and perform in calm to extreme weather conditions. 

    With the many features that it possesses it is a must have in your horses winter wardrobe.



    These rugs are designed with large shoulder gussets for greater shoulder movement and no presence of shoulder rub.  With the cut of the neck being in front of the wither it makes for no wither rubbing. The flag fabric lining in the body provides greater comfort on the horses skin.


    This rug has a large tent tail flap for maximum protection from wind and rain. The waterproof and breathable quality are of the highest standard making them able to withstand the harsh elements of our Australian winters. The body of the rug has 220 GSM fill for greater warmth and the neck has 100 GSM fill throughout.


    Heavy duty stainless steel plated buckles and fittings have been used. Rubber stoppers on the surcingle buckles stops them coming undone. Quality webbing and surcingle is used to ensure longevity of the fittings. Velcro fitting are of a double locking system which makes attachment of the detachable neck secure and safe, when the neck is not attached the velcro stays clean.